Linda Ross - "I want my subconscious to kick in."
By Pete Chasar, Brookings, Oregon

Artist “Linda Ross” is a ceramicist and mixed-media artist, who was born in McAllen, Texas, but says she spent her early years living “all over.” Recalls Linda, “My mom and dad met in New Mexico, but after seeing dad’s family’s Philadelphia lifestyle, Mom opted to have us live in other places, lots of other places. And, when I was young, I also would get serious nosebleeds, so I spent a great deal of quiet time indoors drawing and making stuff”. “My family also had photo books which contained lots of nudes, so, while other kids were drawing stick figures in school, I was drawing nudes. School officials were not pleased, so my parents were called in to explain.” After graduating from high school in Sacramento, Linda briefly attended college, but then opted for trade school, reasoning that the money was in technical stuff, not art, though she continued doing art in her free time. Following her technical training, Linda worked for several years as a computer tech support specialist, then in sales, “Where the real money was.” Her creative urges may have been suppressed but were not gone. She continued to make things; furniture, boxes, sculpture, and paintings. In fact, Linda’s creativity also started erupting in a kitchen-bath design sideline that developed while Linda and Barry (her spouse) bought and sold houses that they briefly occupied, a sideline that evolved into a business, as well as some art commissions for her. But Linda did not really like doing commissioned work or having to conform to someone else’s definition of art, which is why she early-on eschewed a formal art education. “I didn’t want anyone telling me how to do my art,” she explains. Today, Linda mostly works in ceramics and mixed-media abstract painting. “I find it more interesting, because a painting of a beautiful ocean scene can never capture the real thing. I think the best art is art that makes you feel something.” Linda’s art also tends to be spontaneous. Or, as she explains, “I don’t like to over plan. I just like to start working on it, because I want my subconscious to kick in.”

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